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+ Common appellation: Javen, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching.

+ international appellation: Sodium hypochlorite.

+ Chemical formula: NaClO (Relative molecular  M = 74.46).

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Criteria Product quality:
Type 8% Type 12%
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1 Appearance Transparent liquid, yellow
2 Density at 25oC


1,120 ± 0,01 1,20 ± 0,02
3 Effective chlorine content (CL *)


8 ± 0,5 90 ± 6 12 ± 1 145 ± 15
4 Content excess caustic soda (NaOH) ≤ 0,8  ≤ 9,5 ≤ 1,0  ≤ 14


Javen is used as a color remover, mold stain, ink, tree sap for fabric utensils, bleaching appliances and household items.

Used in cleaning disinfection of living water, antiseptic housing, hospital, toilets...

As moss, algae, mold, remove slime in water reservoirs, swimming pool...

Javen is heavily used in industries such as paper, textile dyeing.

-Respiration: There is burning sensation, cough, severe breath, breathing, sore throat.

Method of treatment: Bring the victim to a ventilated place, in a half-sitting position, consult a physician.

-Eyes: Javen causes strong burning pain and can lead to damage to the eye.

Method of treatment: immediately rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If using contact lenses, remove contact lenses when possible. Keep eyes open when washing, taken to the nearest medical facility examination and treatment.

-Skin: Cause corrosion, redness, pain, blistering.

Treatment method: Take off clothes, protective items when the solution is sticky, then bathe with plenty of water

-Digestion: Pain in the abdominal cavity, there is a burning sensation. May be unconscious, vomiting.

Method of treatment: rinse mouth several times with clean water, do not cause forced vomiting, follow medical indications.

- Storage:

Do not mix with flammable substances, acids, foods and foods. Preserve cool, protected from light.

Best storage at a temperature of < 35oC


Use compatible materials to make Javen containers transport to the place of consumption.

The EU classification notation:

C: corrosive substances.

S: (1/2)-28-45-50: Washing the skin after contact with Javen, not mixed with acids