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Product Description


Common appellation: caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide;

International appellation(Generic Names): sodium hydroxide;

Molecular Formula: NaOH (Relative molecular M = 40.)

Type 32%
1 Appearance Transparent liquid,

Colorless or pale violet

2 Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) Content (32±0,5)% 412÷440 g/l
3 Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3Content ≤ 1,5 ppm ≤ 0,0015 g/l
4 Sodium chloride (NaCl) Content ≤ 100 ppm ≤ 0,1 g/l
5 Density at temperature 25oC 1,330÷1,350

Application in Industry

Use caustic soda in industries

Caustic soda  is widely used in many industries such as detergent production, paint, paper manufacturing, oil refining technology, textile dyeing technology, food, water treatment, ion exchange plastic regenerative resin, producing chemicals that go from the soda as: Sodium silicate, Al (OH) 3...

Used in paper industry: caustic soda produces a strong alkaline environment for hydrolysis of Xenlulozo, separating lignin in raw wood forming pulp according to Sunphat and soda method. The caustic soda is also used for crushing regenerating waste paper, forming recycled paper.

In textile dyeing technology: caustic soda destroys pectin, wax in the process of rough fabric processing, increases gloss and absorbs color for dyed fabrics.

In the production of artificial fibers: caustic soda  has a decomposed effect of byproducts such as lignin, a harmful substance that comes with cellulose included in the wood pulp.

In the water treatment industry: using pH adjustment and regenerative use of ion exchange resin particles.

Application in food: caustic soda removes fatty acids in the process of refined vegetable and animal oils to make edible oil, MSG. In addition, the caustic soda  is used to prepare the bottle washing solution, equipment in the brewery. Dispensing vegetable and fruit processing chemicals before processing or canned.

In petroleum industry: Caustic soda is used to adjust pH for drilling fluids, remove sulfur, sulfur compounds and acid compounds in petroleum refining.

In soap technology: Creates soap according to the reaction of fat saponification. When heated with caustic soda solution, the resulting product is grixerol and a salt mixture of fatty acids (soaps):

In aluminium metallurgy industry: Use the soda to dissolve the aluminium in a boxit ore and collect the refined translation.

Production of silicate compounds: liquid glass (Na2SiO3).

Application as grease cleaner, paint stain, metal surface treatment... Xut is capable of solubility of grease should be used to clean exhaust pipes, tanks...

Skin: skin corrosion. The skin is blistering, redness, may cause serious burns.

Treatment: Take off clothes, protective items when the solution is sticky, then bathe with plenty of water.

Eye: corrosion-resistant mucosa that causes severe damage to the eyes, may cause permanent blindness.

Treatment: It is necessary to wash your eyes with plenty of water for about 15 minutes (keep eyes open when washing) then go to the medical facility for treatment.

Lungs: Inhalation is slightly more prolonged in long-term pulmonary edema. The maximum permissible concentration in the air is 2 mg/m3 of air.

Treatment: Bring the victim to a fresh air, to the half-sitting position, blow when necessary.

Digestion: Ingestion of the soda will have a burning sensation, severe shock, pain in the abdominal cavity.

Treatment: Rinse the mouth several times, does not cause forced vomiting, followed medical indications.

- Preserve:

Do not mix with strong acids, metals, food. Store in an area with cement floor to prevent erosion.

Preserve and store at ambient temperature.


Use compatible materials to make containers for transporting soda.

Designated transportation according to EU standards:


R: 35 may cause severe burns

S: (1/2-)26-37/39-45 Wash a lot of water when shot in eyes, equipped with labor protection